Daan, now deceased.

Photo by ZooInstitutes

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Siepy, a rescued harbor porpoise at Dolfinarium Harderwijk.

Photographer unknown.

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The harbor porpoise. My what a cute face this dolphin has. And they’re some of the smallest cetaceans in the ocean. He looks happy to be at home, in the wild. 

Harbor porpoises can be quite shy, but they are quite adorable. 

The first photo is of Daan, a captive harbor porpoise from the Dolfinarium Harderwijk, who is now deceased.

I highly suspect the second photo is also a captive porpoise, perhaps Freja at Fjord&Baelt.

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World’s Most Endangered Cetacean Could Go Extinct This Month

A new report about the situation of the world’s smallest porpoise raises concerns over the survival of the species. With fewer than 25 breeding females estimated to be left and the totoaba fishing season about to get underway, this month could determine the future of the species.

That is a photo of harbor porpoises, fyi.

Vaquitas are smaller and have dark circles around their eyes.

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September 19 | 12:04 | 19♥

Exciting news!

An extremely rare spectacled porpoise washed up in New Zealand on Wednesday. The carcass was in good condition, with only a chunk missing from one side of the flank (probably a shark bite). It was photographed, examined, and dissected at the Department of Conservation’s workshop. The skeleton will be preserved for future studies. Only 10 spectacled porpoises have ever washed up in New Zealand, so this is a very exciting find.
Little is known about the spectacled porpoises.

Watch the video for more information! (Caution: scenes of dissection are in this film)

September 18 | 11:57 | 32♥

The Worlds Smallest Porpoise Could Become Extinct This Month



Okay sorry but this is bloody depressing…


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Dolfinarium, Harderwijk, the Netherlands

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Dall’s porpoise


Spectacled porpoise 

(Phocoena dioptrica)

Very rare porpoise, not much is known about them some may say it’s a spectacle to see one

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