European Commission Pressures UK Goverment to Protect Porpoises


Of all the whales and dolphins (cetaceans), the harbour porpoise is the most commonly sighted and stranded in UK waters. There is considerable concern for their status in some regions due to apparent declines in numbers. Threats include high levels of incidental catches in fishing nets and gear, as well as starvation, injury from boat traffic and infectious disease.

WDC looks forward to working with the UK government to ensure that harbour porpoise SACs become an important component of a coherent network of UK-wide marine protected area

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Another photo of the Dall’s porpoise/harbor porpoise hybrid see off San Juan Island on October 9th.

These hybrids have Dall’s porpoise mothers and harbor porpoise fathers.

Photo by Mark Malleson.

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Two finless porpoises, Sea and Camelia, were released into the wild today by the Busan Aquarium in Korea.

Both were found entangled in fishing nets 1 year ago, and Camelia had a cut on her face that went to the bone. The pair was retrained for life in the wild, moved to a sea pen, and then returned home.

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| Dall’s Porpoise Bow Rider

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First reports of Parasistic copepod Pennella balaenoptera on Harbour porpoise.

This crustacean is one of the largest species of copepod within the family Pennellidae, reaching up to 30 cm (12 in) in length. The mandibles form a sucking tube for the mouth through which the species feed and adults also have a pair of segmented sensory antennae.

Despite the hosts for this species are Sei and Minke whales, now, researchers have found an adult, female black sea harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena relicta) stranded on the southern Aegean Sea coast of Turkey.

Thirteen holes made by the copepods were observed in the lateral sides of the porpoise. Although this parasite had been reported in several marine mammals, this is the first report on the harbor porpoise, and in the Aegean Sea.

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A Dall’s porpoise/harbor porpoise hybrid was spotted today by James Mead Maya off Lime Kiln in Washington.

These hybrids are a result of a female Dall’s porpoise mating with a male harbor porpoise. Unlike most hybrids, these Dall’s/harbor porpoise hybrids are fertile and can reproduce.

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Harbour porpoise (by Sanne Bakkers)

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Pair of dalls porpoises (by Kloe)

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Daan, now deceased.

Photo by ZooInstitutes

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Siepy, a rescued harbor porpoise at Dolfinarium Harderwijk.

Photographer unknown.

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